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researchers's Journal

Researcher's Resource
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This is a community for anyone who is doing research and either needs ideas or resources or just needs a chunk of people to throw a poll at.


1. Try to be serious--or at least curious about what your researching.
2. Anyone can join this community, so please warn about anything that's not PG-13 AND put it under a cut.
3. Please, include an introduction when you post something for the first time and let us know what you are researching and why.
4. Extra long posts/polls go under a cut, please. There are instructions in the FAQ. Read it learn it.
5. Please don't advertise for other communities. The only exception will be if it's related to research. Advertisements for rating communities will definitely be deleted.
6. If you are suspected of trolling, you will be banned. If you are causing a commotion, you will be banned. If this community shows up on ljdrama.org, the offending member(s) will be banned. If you're annoying, you will be banned.
7. This community will abide by the TOS. I will delete/report what I am obligated to. No exceptions!

Moderator: partyupgal4ever. She also moderates v_day, womenscenter and prenataltesting
Creator: callmehero